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Editx stands for Education in IT for anyone. Editx is an innovative dedicated IT Network and IT jobsite. Our members are IT students, IT professionals, Computer science Professors and IT Recruiters. They can connect, meet and share knowledge. Our members control their visibility, adapt their settings and keep the full control of the communication that is send to them anytime.

Universities, large and small companies are partnering with editx to highlight their job opportunities. IT jobs seekers can find updated IT jobs and apply online. IT recruiters can contact them and suggest them right opportunities. IT professionals and students that are not looking for a job adapt their settings and dont receive job recommendations.

One of the main activity of Editx is the organization of ICT Challenges. The competitions are organized in close collaboration with IT User Groups, universities, companies and start-ups. The editx members have the opportunity to participate in the challenges, learn, improve, showcase their skills and win beautifull prizes. It's interesting and fun.